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Fisk or Fiske Coat of Arms

This is the coat of arms that was granted to Nicholas Fiske and his descendants in 1633. In the grant, Nicholas stated the coat of arms was borne by Symond Fiske of Laxfield.

This version was manufactured exclusively for the Fisk/e Family Association.

Sources & Links

We have found the websites listed below and on our "Your Research" page to be helpful to most genealogists; however, we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained on those websites.

Fisk Family Forum
Fisk and Fiskes England
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Fiske Family Papers is an excellent site to research the English Fiske lines. The site also offers numerous links to other Fisk/e websites.

Fisk Fiske DNA
DNA Project - Click Image

WANTED: Males for Fisk - Fiske DNA Project

  This is an exciting new Y-Chromosome DNA site dedicated to Fisk, Fiske, and variations of the name.
   Perhaps we can at last, through DNA, determine how many Fisk and Fiske lines there are and the origin of them. Discounts are available from Family Tree DNA.

Fisk and Fiske British Isles
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Brian Fisk's website, Fisk Family History, is another excellent English site that will be of interest to Fisk/e researchers.

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The Fisk Genealogy Forum provides a message board for those who wish to exchange information on their Fisk lines.

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The Fiske Genealogy Forum provides a message board for those who wish to exchange information on their Fiske lines.

Fiske and Fisk Family
Fiske and Fisk Family - Free Download - Click Image to Link to Open Library
Fisk Family Books
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Quintin's Family History Centre

Quintin Publications reprints family genealogies that have gone out of print, including those on Fisk and Fiske.

Fiske and Fisk Family
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Fiske and Fisk Family by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Reprint Available through

Fiske Library
Fiske Library
The Fiske Genealogical Library in Seattle, Washington has over 6,200 titles.  The library also lends books and it offers a free newsletter.

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Books about the Fiske and Fisk Family
Fisk and Fiske Family Books

Fiske and Fisk Family: Being the Record of the Descendants of Symond Fiske, by Frederick Clifton Pierce, W.B. Conkey, Chicago 1896. Library of Congress microfilm # CS71F5381985. (This book has the most genealogical and historical information on the Fisk and Fiske families; however, it has many errors in it.)

The Fiske Family by Albert Agustus Fiske (1867) A history of the family (ancestral and descendant) of William Fiske, sen., of Amherst, N.H. Library of Congress microfilm # 79935 CS.

The Fiske Family Papers by Henry Ffiske (1902) Library of Congress microfilm # CS439 F8.

Fiske Family; Some Descendants of the Men of Laxfield by Lawrence Bailey (1897) Library of Congress microfilm # CS71.F538 1943.

The Fiske Family by George A. Moriarty
(This work corrects many of the errors in Pierce.)

FISKE The Life and Character of St. Paul, a Model for
Christian Ministers. A Sermon Delivered at
West-Cambridge, April 13, 1828, by Thaddeus Fiske , D.D., at the Close of his Ministry. To Which is Appended the Family Record with an Extract from His Diary., Fiske, Thaddeus., (1843)

Fisk and/or Fiske Newsletter

The Fisk/e Family Association publishes newsletters on an intermittent basis, but we no longer accept new subscriptions. Instead, issues may be purchased on this Web site.   Our FFA Newsletter has always been distributed free to the major genealogical libraries (about 50) in the U.S.


Issue#1 FISK OR FISKE?, a F.C. Pierce reprint about his investigation into the origin of the Fisk and Fiske names. - OUR ANCESTRAL HOME, The recollection of John Fiske’s visit to Stadhaugh. - THE FISK(E) COAT OF ARMS, the grant of arms to Nicholas Fiske. - Other assorted short notices. (Photocopy 13 pgs)

Issue#2 THE FISK WHO RAN FOR PRESIDENT, the story of General Clinton B. Fisk. - Short bios of the FFA sponsors. - GETTING STARTED IN GENEALOGY, a short primer on how to start your Fisk(e) research and a list of books on Fisk and Fiske genealogy. - FISK(E) FAMILY REUNION, a report on the reunion of the descendants of Wiley B. Fisk. - Short notices. - Query section. (Photocopy 21 pgs)

Issue#3 JIM FISK, THE RASCAL OF WALL STREET, the life, murder, and legacy of “Jubilee” Jim Fisk. - Short notices. - List of Fisk and Fiske genealogies in the Library of Congress. - Several photos of Stadhaugh Manor. - Query section. (Photocopy 18 pgs)

Issue #4 OH, TO BE IN ENGLAND, a modern-day visit to Standhaugh. - UNCLAIMED PROPERTY of Fisk(e)s in California. - THE FIRST FAMILIES OF AMERICA, a discussion about the first Fisk(e)s in America. - DEATH RECORDS OF FISK’S IN SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA. - KENTUCKY MARRIAGE AND CEMETERY RECORDS (FISK). - CENSUS FOR 1850 MISSOURI (FISK). - CENSUS FOR THE TERRITORY OF KANSAS (FISK). - NEW YORK TIMES OBITUARY INDEX 1858-1968 (FISK). - ARE YOU OF ROYAL BLOOD?, Fiske lines descended from Henry I, King of France. - Map of Laxfield and Stadhaugh on the cover. - Query section. (Photocopy 17 pgs)

Issue#5 THE FISK(E) FAMILY BLOSSOMS, the story of the famous Fisk Clematis nursery in England. - THE MEETING AT THE WELL, tells of a bloody Revolutionary War encounter at the Fiske house. - WHAT’S IN A NAME?, advances the “Norman Theory” as to the origin of the Fisk(e) name. - FEDERAL CENSUS KEY 1820-1850, Index of Fisk’s. - Query section. (Photocopy 17 pgs)

Issue#6 THE WELL REVISITED, gives additional information about the meeting at the well. - THE DEVIL AND CAPTAIN FISKE, is about Captain Thomas Fiske and the Salem Witch Trials. - CENSUS INDEX 1790-1810 for N.E. states. (You will need the key contained in issue #5.) - Short notices. - Query section. (Photocopy 13 pgs)

Issue#7 LAXFIELD, by Rev. R.A. Marchant on the history of Laxfield (Stadhaugh Manor lies just outside Laxfield.) - JIM FISK, SINNER OR SAINT?, discusses an old folk song about him. - SHORT HISTORY OF FISK, MISSOURI. - CENSUS (Partial) RECORDS FOR FISK & FISKE 1790-1810. - A DIARY, keeping track of one’s life. - Query section. (Photocopy 12 pgs)

Issue#8 MRS FISKE, FIRST LADY OF THE AMERICAN STAGE, is about the famous actress, Minnie Maddern Fiske and her theatrical producer husband, Harrison Grey Fiske. - DISAPPEARING MEMORIES, is about history being lost because of a decline in letter writing. - NEW YORK TIMES OBITUARY INDEX 1858-1968 for the name Fiske. - Query Section. (Photocopy 16 pgs)

Issue#9 PIONEER PHOTOGRAPHER, is about George Fiske, a friend of John Muir and early nature photographer in what is now Yosemite National Park. - REUNION NOTICES. - Short news items. - Query section. (Photocopy 12 pgs)

Issue#10 THE U.S.S. FISKE, is about the destroyer escort’s wartime exploits, including her sinking by a German U-boat, Includes photos of the sinking and interviews with two of the survivors. - Obituary of Jim Fisk, President of Bell Labs. - Short Notices. - Query section. (Photocopy 12 pgs)

Issue#11 THE NORDIC FISK(E) LINES, discusses the many Fisk’s and Fiske’s who settled in North America who were not from England. - MRS. FISK WINS ACADEMY AWARD, is about actress Sissy Spacek, who is known to her family as Mrs. Jack Fisk. Jack Fisk is a well known movie director. Their daughter, Schuyler Fisk, is also an actress. - Misc. 1820 Census Records for the name Fisk. (Photocopy 12 pgs)

Issue#12 REV. JOHN FISKE OF WENHAM, is F.C. Pierce’s story of the Puritan minister, John Fiske. - REVOLUTIONARY WAR DOCTOR, is about Dr. Joseph Fiske, who was with George Washington in the Revolutionary War. - FADING IMAGES, discusses archival photography. - Partial 1820 Census for Fisk and Fiske. - NOTICE OF BEQUEST FOR $35,000 (Unfortunately, this couldn’t be honored.) (Photocopy 12 pgs)

Issue# 15 FISH IN OUR SEA, discusses the transposition of Fisk(e) to Fish and vice versa. - THE FUNERAL OF JAMES FISK, JR, is about the funeral of “Jubilee” Jim Fisk. - Coat of Arms. - Query section. (Photocopy 8 pgs)

Issue#16 WEATHER VANES, the story of famous J.W. Fiske Architectural Metals. - DAVID OF WATERTOWN, is Pierce’s story of one of the “First in America.” - FISK UNIVERSITY, the story of the famous university founded by Clinton B. Fisk. - Several short news articles, including photos of letters written by Clinton B. Fisk and Minnie Maddern Fiske. - Additional Census records. - Query section. (Photocopy 16 pgs)

Issues# 17 & 18 (Double Issue) SMITHSONIAN FISKE’S, is about Richard and Patricia Fiske, the country’s only museum directors who are married to each other. - Four pages of short news articles. SILK IN THE U.S., is about William A. Fisk, who was the co-founder of the first successful silk industry in the U.S. in 1827. - ROBERT FISKE, is about Robert Fiske, the great-great grandson of Symond Fiske of Laxfield. - Query section. (Photocopy 16 pgs)

Issue#19 MARCONI’S MAN IN AUSTRALIA, is about Sir Ernest Fisk, the first radio pioneer to send a wireless message between Australia and England. - SWEDES, is a short article on the first Swedish Fisk to settle in America in 1638. - Short subjects. - Query section. (Photocopy 8 pgs)

Issue#20 IN MEMORY OF HOWARD KEITH FISK, is about the death of FFA’s first president. - THE FISK’S OF JAY, NEW YORK, is about the Zaleski family who bought the old Fisk house in Jay, New York. They discovered a treasure trove of Civil War letters. The contents of several are in the article. - Short notices. - Query section. (Photocopy 8 pgs)

Issue #21 GREENLEAF FISK, FATHER OF BROWNWOOD, TEXAS, is the story of a Texas pioneer who founded Brownwood. - JOHN FISKE, AMERICAN PHILOSOPHER AND HISTORIAN, PART 1, begins the story of one of our country’s foremost thinkers of the mid-1800’s. - INDEX TO 1850 KENTUCKY CENSUS (FISK). - Query section. (Photocopy 8 pgs)

Issue #22 SCHUYLER FISK, is the story of the actress daughter of Sissy Spacek and Jack Fisk. - JOHN FISKE, THE LATER YEARS, is the second part of the John Fiske story. It deals with his friendship with Charles Darwin and Herbert Huxley. - Notices of relevant Web sites. - Query section. (Photocopy 8 pgs)